Michelle Hodos:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is a slow burning romance story with a subtle infusion of the sci-fi elements (i.e., an immortal human, self-driving cars, and etc.). A presence of sci-fi elements does not take away from a romance story, if anything it adds to it. You have to be patient with this book because as a good vine it does get better with time. The warmth of the relationship between a mortal woman and an immortal man stays with you long after you finish reading this book. It also explores the always-present questions of our purpose in life and who and what affect our life decisions. Although the ending is predictable, there is a lot of uncertainty about a romantic relationship in the book. For some reason, this book provoked the same feelings in me that I had when I watched a French movie “A man and a woman”. The writing style and character development sparkled at times and faded away in other parts of the book. It puts you in a philosophical and melancholic mood, and thus, this book is a delightful read on a long night.


Ernest Nekhamkin:

The book is very philosophical.


Jane Gutkovich

This is a saga about love, earthly and eternal, with carefully written details of everyday life, like on paintings of old masters. I got immersed into it and could not put it down.